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Style Shades and Lamps is a family run business, based in Port Elizabeth South Africa specialising in the manufacturing of shades and lamps. The business was established in 1988.



We supply custom made lamp shades to a national linen group, the hospitality industry, interior decorators and members of the public.



We make all sizes of shades, from chandelier to standing lamp.  Our shades are made from the highest quality fabric and decorated with beads, pom poms and braid to client’s specifications when requested.



We have a lighting show room where clients can discuss their requirements and view a range of lamps and shades, fabrics and adornments.




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Please note:

The fabric used on these lamp shades may no longer be available.

Go Retro!

Recover Antiques

If you have any Antique shades that have been passed down from generation to generation, or just a frame you picked up in an antique store, we recover them all. Every shape and size, we will fix them up and make them over to suit your individual tastes.

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