Antique Frames

Whether a revamp or new make we do it all.

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Shades with a difference

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Wire Frames with a difference

Custom made for some of our more adventurous customers...


This yellow frame was made for the lovely ladies at Wizard interiors for their 2012 stand at the PE home makers expo.


These funky frames were made for a uber creative couple and owners of Raak, Wehrner & Annette Lemmer.

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Go Retro!!

Recover Antiques

If you have any Antique shades that have been passed down from generation to generation, or just a frame you picked up in an antique store, we recover them all. Every shape and size, we will fix them up and make them over to suit your individual tastes.

Eco Christmas tree

no trees were harmed in the making of our Christmas shade

Picture 3070

Take an antique frame and add baubles, beads, lights and tinsel to make this stunnign christmas centre piece.

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